Per Choi teenage Ah’s friend C, she came across Kim Seon Ho’s parents following abortion, consumed together with them, and even slept at their particular destination.

Per Choi teenage Ah’s friend C, she came across Kim Seon Ho’s parents following abortion, consumed together with them, and even slept at their particular destination.

C unveiled, “Young Ah remained near to Seon Ho’s parents afterward. Seon Ho worked to create confidence together. He additionally implemented a Shiba Inu called Ho Ah on her so she wouldn’t getting depressed when by yourself.”

In her earliest post, Choi kids Ah additionally authored, “Because he lived their teens in poverty, he’s got a great obsession with money. He merely delivered myself 2 million won (more or less $1,717) your surgery and healthcare facility charge.”

Choi kids Ah’s acquaintance D said about it, “their indulgent paying is hard for Kim Seon Ho. For Christmas, she had gotten a 7 million claimed fashion designer case (approximately $6,008). She purchased they with her individual card and was given a money transfer from Kim Seon Ho. [Friends] find out about it because she boasted about this.”

D extra, “I have never seen Choi Young Ah shell out. Frequently Kim Seon Ho compensated. She claims Kim Seon Ho wants developer brand names? Acquaintances all know who’s the person who really obsesses over designer manufacturer.”

Choi Young Ah’s family C and D got Kim Seon Ho’s area, stating, “The fact was distorted.”

Listed below are further rates from C and D:

“Choi teenage Ah in addition deliberated many regarding abortion concern. It’s a matter value deliberating a large number about.” “the guy must have become fed up with the lays. It’s ironic that the woman is blaming Kim Seon Ho.” “She is very obsessive. She established their phone to test their texts and DMs.” “She wished that Kim Seon Ho would come back after their problem. It Truly taken place.”

On January 11, 2021, Dispatch got an unknown email from Choi Young Ah’s neighbor. The tip demonstrated the specific situation between Choi immature Ah and her ex-husband plus said that someone that appears to be Kim Seon Ho got identified very usually at suite.

Around the period, Choi immature Ah advised group around their that people pertaining to this lady ex-husband were threatening the lady.

Kim Seon Ho’s friend age described, “Kim Seon Ho exposed that he is having a difficult time as a result of the circumstance close Choi kids Ah. She got getting threatened, there have been gangs after this lady, this lady ex-husband’s wives are bothering her, she was undergoing case, etc…They were unbearable problems.”

Age in addition provided that Choi immature Ah secretly shot Kim Seon Ho. “Once, Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah examined each other’s KakaoTalk information. In those days, the guy heard bout the countless clips and sound recordings of your that have been saved in Choi younger Ah’s pc. Great deal of thought from his point of view, isn’t that scary?”

From just what Dispatch was actually advised, Kim Seon Ho and Choi immature Ah met until April 2021 and officially ended their particular commitment in May.

Dispatch claimed they have found with several men and listened to their unique tales, with some of Choi younger Ah’s acquaintances contacting Dispatch initially. Based on all of them, Kim Seon Ho hadn’t separated along with her because the guy instantly rose to fame, and instead pointed out Choi immature Ah’s activities.

Dispatch’s document ended with an announcement from B. He said, “Seon Ho hyung mentioned this if you ask me. Since it was true that he forget about his son or daughter… Since he once appreciated this lady, he tried to discover. And that he performedn’t like to combat about his exclusive existence while watching entire country. So he asserted that versus following through, the guy apologized. Seon Ho hyung usually sort of individual. He was in a standard relationship the same as someone else. He never tried to conceal Young Ah noona. I’m a witness.”

In response to your document, a source from Kim Seon Ho’s institution SALT recreation stated, “We have absolutely nothing to say. We apologize.”